50 Big Ideas Every Christian Should Understand

Is Christianity true? If so, it can stand a little critique. This blog is that critique—50 big ideas that every Christian should understand (but rarely do) and that each take a couple of minutes to read. The goal is not to deconvert Christians but simply to inform them. Think of this as a friend giving honest feedback.

This is the blog your pastor warned you about! Read an overview of this project here or get started with big idea #1 here.

2 thoughts on “50 Big Ideas Every Christian Should Understand

  1. Great initiative with a new outlook but you are still locked up in a Christian framework. If you were going to write a critique of politics for example, and if you spoke only of Capitalism, or Marxism or Socialism,etc. you would be doing which ever one you chose a favor by giving the impression that their -ism is the only one worth considering. Good luck.


    • Maurice: Thanks for the feedback.

      I’m focusing on Christianity (rather than all religions or all worldviews) because Christianity is the 800-pound gorilla in American society today. I’m critiquing Christianity, not religion.


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