2-Minute Christianity is aimed at open-minded Christians who think that if Christianity is true, it can stand a little critique.

Take off the training wheels with this approachable introduction to the debate about the truth of Christianity. Fifty brief chapters, delivered one per week, show you what they didn’t teach you in Sunday school. With this book you will become more knowledgeable about Christianity than most of the world’s Christians.

If God wanted mindless faith, he wouldn’t have given you a mind. These are fifty big ideas every Christian should understand. Take the journey and see where it leads you.

About the author

After graduating from MIT, Bob Seidensticker designed digital hardware. He has programmed in a dozen computer languages and in environments ranging from punch cards to Windows. Bob is a co-contributor to 14 software patents and has worked at technology companies from a 10-person startup to IBM and Microsoft. He has written two books about technology.

For more than a decade, Bob has explored his current passion, the debate between Christianity and atheism. Though an atheist, he seeks a civil conversation with Christians, and the goal of 2-Minute Christianity is to inform rather than insult.

He’s written more than a million words in 1500 articles at OnlySky (formerly the Cross Examined blog), and 2-Minute Christianity is his third book on the subject. For more on this and his other books analyzing Christianity, go to the Buy the Book tab.


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Media Kit

A more serious author photo is here.

A summary of the book is here.

The book cover image is here. Publication date: May 29, 2022.

The ISBN for the paperback book is 978-0-578-93712-0.

Sample chapters:


  • Why are you giving away your content? My goal is to share information and start a conversation, not make money.
  • Where is the content available? You can read it in the blog, watch the YouTube channel, or subscribe to the 2-Minute Christianity podcast. The chapters will be released one per week until all fifty are out.
  • I don’t want to wait! I want it all right now. The paperback book and ebook are available now.
  • How long is the book? It’s about 35,000 words. You could read it in an afternoon. It’s deliberately short so that no potential reader could be put off by its length.
  • What makes this project unique? This is an atheist talking to Christians, and a book’s worth of content is being given away.
  • There are lots of atheists on the internet poking holes in Christianity. How are you different? You’ve heard the expression, “Let a thousand flowers bloom”? There must be that many approaches to the debates around Christianity. My approach is to provide an energetic but civil critique of Christianity from an atheist viewpoint.
  • How can I support the project? Spread the word! Tell your Christian friends to read it. Tell your atheist friends to read it. Tell your pastor to read it. Even better, encourage your favorite religious journalists, podcasts, and magazines to critique it.
  • I don’t like this stuff, but I’m not sure how to respond. If you’re a Christian who’s annoyed by what you’re reading, that’s all the more reason to spread the word. Which Christian authors, journalists, and bloggers do you read? Tell them to write a rebuttal. Or give me their contact information and I’ll do it. I’ll even send them a free ebook to review.
  • I don’t like this stuff, and I have a lot to say in response. Each big idea has a comments section, and you’re welcome to argue for or against.
  • What would success look like? That each reader learn something new about Christianity, which is an enormous force in society today. The goal of this project isn’t to deconvert anyone but to let Christians peek behind the curtain to learn the surprising ways Christianity was put together.
  • Why do you focus on Christianity—what about Islam? I have no complaints with live-and-let-live Christians, and that’s true for Muslims as well. I can’t have my free speech rights without defending theirs as well. But I live in the United States, and here the bull in the china shop is Christianity.
  • How did you get interested in this? A Creationist relative engaged me in an online discussion of evolution about twenty years ago, and this broadened into a debate about Christianity. Though the discussion went on for years, I’m sure I changed his mind on nothing. Can constructive conversation be had between an atheist and a Christian? I’m still working on that, and 2-Minute Christianity is my latest attempt at being able to answer with a Yes.
  • What formal training do you have in this area? I’m self-taught. My first training ground was blogging as the resident atheist at the Christian site apologetics.com (2007 – 2011). I then wrote my first novel on Christian apologetics, Cross Examined, while blogging at Pathos.com. And today, I focus on my column at OnlySky. Having to come up with new blog topics every week for more than ten years plus responding to smart readers’ comments and challenges has been an excellent training ground.
  • How do you respond to centuries of Christian thought? How do you rebut books written by scholars with doctorates in philosophy or theology? Often by sidestepping them. Theologians worldwide can’t even agree on the number of gods. If you think Christian scholars have a great argument for Christianity or against atheism, look it up at my blog on OnlySky. I’ve probably already responded to it.
  • Why should Christians listen to an atheist? The best source of an honest, objective critique is an outsider.
  • Why not live and let live? The believers have their lives and aren’t hurting anyone. But they are hurting someone. They hurt themselves when they don’t understand their religion. They hurt society when they take actions based on misunderstandings.
  • Why now? U.S. church membership is less than 50% of the population for the first time. Being a Christian isn’t the default anymore, and more people are questioning traditional beliefs.
  • Do you have a Patreon page? No, but thanks for asking. This project isn’t about making money.
  • Since you’re giving away your content, can I borrow some for my blog? You can, but please include the name of this site and a link to the page you borrowed from.
  • Who designed the cover? Seattle artist Kyle Hepworth created the cover for this book and my two previous books.
  • Where do you live? I’ve lived in the greater Seattle area for 30 years. Before that, I lived on the east coast of the U.S.
  • What do you do with the email list? It’s used to send notifications of new posts at this blog, and that’s it.
  • Conspiracies are in vogue these days. Can you recast your message as a response to a conspiracy? Sure: “Why do you suppose you don’t hear about these big ideas from your church? Why does an atheist have to inform you? What do you suppose they’re hiding?!”

Got another question? Share it as a comment below.

All material on this site is copyright 2022 by Bob Seidensticker.

All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®. Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.™ Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved worldwide. http://www.zondervan.com The “NIV” and “New International Version” are trademarks registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Biblica, Inc.™

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