X 50 Big Ideas Every Christian Should Understand

29 Christianity Looks Invented: The Family Tree Analogy

Finding a spot for English would be easy, but for Klingon it would be hard. Now imagine a family tree of religions. Does early Yahweh worship fit in easily (like English), or is it otherworldly (like Klingon)?

28 Fruits of Christianity: Universities or Hospitals?

Christians point out that their religion created universities and hospitals in Europe and argue that these institutions are an important addition to the Christian side of the ledger. Investigate the evolution of these institutions, however, and Christianity’s contribution may not look so impressive. The universities of Oxford and Paris are some of Europe’s oldest, and…

27 When God Lies: He Should Follow His Own Ten Commandments

We find God lying to Adam and Eve and (indirectly) to King Ahab. Several times he hardened hearts to prevent people from avoiding suffering. If he’s done this before, does this make God unreliable today?

26 Women at the Tomb: Weak Evidence for the Resurrection

Apologists like to point to women finding the empty tomb. “Unreliable” women wouldn’t have had this crucial role in the story unless it were true, they say. But consider women’s role in this society, and it couldn’t have been anyone but women.


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